I'm an aspiring artist, animator, and game developer. Expect some funnies, I hope.
I'm also active on Discord as Yamperzzz#5952.

Age 19, Nonbinary (They/it)

Video Editing

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For generally anyone who find this... Howdy! It's been a while since I've actually used this account any, but I have plans! Big ones, even. Let's start:

  • I'm beginning college in the fall for game & simulation arts. For that reason, I'll likely start dropping games and the sort here more frequently that I don't happen to hate.

  • Outside of that, I've been modding Madness: Project Nexus. Cutscene and character creation are my current focus atm, but my hope is to create something of more value. Oh, and Wobbledogs too, I guess. But that's nothing significant.

  • Finally, I'm aiming to buy a spanking new laptop soon for classes since my $300 glorified tablet-laptop ain't gonna cut it anymore. Once I do and have everything transferred over, I plan on beginning MadCom animations with Adobe Animate. As much easier as it is to just grab something like CS6, I ultimately feel more comfortable with Animate after I did a free trial. Whether or not I'll actually pay for it is u for debate, lolol

  • OH! And I've landed a job in video editing recently! That's cool!

Anyway, see you soon. It's four in the morning and I woke up in a cold sweat just to write this and shit. Hope life's treats you well!


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